Neology studies how new words and phrases become part of a language. It examines these changes across languages, contexts, and over time, showing that the evolution of language is a continuous and universal process.

The European Network on Lexical Innovation (ENEOLI) connects researchers, educators, students, translators, journalists, language policymakers, and other interested parties in the field of neology. The network aims to refine terminology within the field, showcase advanced methodologies, perform comparative studies on lexical innovation across languages, and provide targeted training for various stakeholders. Interested in learning more about the activities and opportunities ENEOLI offers?


Eneoli boasts a diverse and growing membership of over 230 individuals from around the globe, with a strong presence in Europe and other continents. We are committed to promoting a balanced membership in terms of gender and age.

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Eneoli continues to expand, and we warmly invite those passionate about our topics and goals to join us!

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Latest news

ENEOLI presentation at GWLN-6


During the 6th Globalex Workshop on Lexicography and Neology, organized in Pretoria on July 3rd, Giovanni Tallarico, John Humbley and Ilan Kernerman provided an overview of ENEOLI from the lexicographic point of view. Read more here!

New members on board!


It’s a historical day for ENEOLI: all 41 COST Members, as well as South Africa (Partner Member) and Israel (Cooperating Member), are now represented in our action!


Last ENEOLI Grant Evaluation Deadline in 2024!


Network members who are considering applying for a grant should send in the applications before July 31st, 2024. This is the last Grant Evaluation deadline for the current fiscal year. We warmly encourage you to take this opportunity! Read more about the application process here.

we have a new one, neologism of the week

film tourism

A form of tourism in which visitors explore locations and destinations that have become popular due to their appearance in films and TV series.

Source: Wikipedia

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